Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Finally Over . . . Almost!

Michael Scheibach, Executive Editor, BankNews

As we approach Halloween, it's pretty scary to realize that the election season is almost over. Whether you're a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or a member of the "What, Me Worry?" contingent, we all can agree that election day couldn't come any sooner.

But enough of politics.

It has been an exciting year in banking technology. From the national conventions of the American Bankers Association and Independent Community Bankers of America, to the more recent RDC Summit and BAI Convention, we have seen an array of new companies enter the banking arena, while industry stalwarts have introduced new products designed to move banks and the banking process forward into the 21st century.

Mobile banking continues to gain momentum, especially among community banks. This momentum has been sparked by new applications, such as mobile remote deposit capture, or mRDC. And not for just consumers. Banks are bundling mRDC into their services for small businesses, as well.

Remote deposit capture is evolving beyond simply remote deposit. Mitek Systems, for example, has introduced Mobile Imaging Platform, which transforms a smartphone into a scanner and transmission device for everything from medical prescriptions to insurance papers.

Of course, the continued growth in online and mobile banking means increased attempts by fraudsters. Survey after survey finds consumers and businesses placing security No. 1 on their list of concerns. Banks, too, understand the importance of security. And the number and variety of security and authentication solutions are staggering.

BankNews magazine will continue to cover the latest banking technology. The November issue looks at the 2012 RDC Summit, held in September. And the December issue will provide an overview of the vendors offering RDC and mRDC products.

Let's enjoy Halloween. I've already got my candy ready.


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